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Why I sell AVON…

Honestly…I was spending too much money on my makeup and I wanted to get a discount.

AVON was one of the few businesses that women of color were able to use in order to sustain their families before and after segregation.

Always wanting to carve a business that helped others, AVON  kind f slipped into my lap as such. Business exploded in my first few months and I’m now having fun making extra money and finally getting my discounts and free makeup.

Find your talents in your business and use them…

The time is NOW for you if you have that entrepreneurial itch! Yes, there are millionaire AVON Sales Reps who have carved a business with selling AVON. My online and network marketing background helps me a great deal with helping my team achieve their goals.

 In less than 3 months, my websites have ranked on the first page of google, yahoo, and Bing for popular key word searches.

How much can you make as an AVON Rep…

I’ve earned at least $50+ additional income per month in online sales and I’ve been selling AVON since January 2016.  But I do focus more on building my team than sales. The only expense is buying the catalogs, which is your e store. I believe in tapping into your talents so that You can use them. Not everyone sells the same way.

The only thing you need to do is trust me.


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