Taisha is so easy to talk to and incredibly sweet. Genuine is oozing from her beautiful pores. I asked her some questions about life, business, and the meaning of beauty. What I discovered was someone that you'd want to have on your girl's night out, right by your side. 

Has being an AVON Rep inspired you in other areas of your life or career? If so, how? 

Being an AVON Representative has definitely inspired me to be more proactive in life and take action towards my goals, big or small. 

I have a lot of things I’d like to accomplish in life and being a rep has taught me that with consistent effort anything I want is within my reach. 

One of my career goals is to become a personal stylist to help women look beautiful and feel more confident. By working my AVON business daily I’m gaining the knowledge and expertise that will help me run my own styling business in the future. I’m not where I want to be yet but thanks to AVON I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone, establishing a brand and expanding my network. 

When you're having an "off" day and not feeling quite like the beauty that you are, what happens to transform those feelings into positive ones? 

When I’m having an “off” day I’ve come to find that listening to some sort of inspirational podcast or YouTube video makes me feel better. I’m really into self development and I truly feel like beauty comes from within. So, feed your soul first and you’ll fuel your confidence in the process. 

Do you ever encounter people who may have the wrong impression of you and make quick judgments because you're beautiful? If so, has that had an effect on you? 

That’s quite a compliment! Thank you  :)

There have been times when people have misjudged me for sure. I’ve been told I have a very stern look in person and sometimes I look unapproachable. But if you come talk to me it’s a totally different vibe. I’m very sweet and love to uplift others. I never want anyone to leave an encounter with me and have negative vibes. At the end of the day what really matters is how you treat people. So I try to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

What advice would you give to women in their early 20's about feeling beautiful and staying confident? 

The best advice I can give is to stay focused on your own grass and what YOU want out of life. The grass is greener where you water it, so stop comparing yourself to others. All that energy and time you spend comparing your life to “hers” could be better spent investing in yourself. So, take care of yourself first and you’ll feel more beautiful and confident. 

What are your favorite AVON products? 

It’s hard to choose because I love a lot of AVON products but three of my favorites would have to be:

-The Magix Face Perfector because it has spf 20 and blurs my pores.

-AVON’s True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation because it does exactly what it says and gives you a flawless finish. 

-The Skin So Soft Bath Oils. I use them right out the shower to give my dry skin some much needed moisture. 

Lastly, what is your preferred Avon Cause and why? Mine is Domestic Violence Awareness because I’m a survivor of domestic abuse and that particular cause is very personal to me. 

I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. Any type of abuse can do a lot of damage especially to a young woman’s self esteem. So for you to come out of that and be doing such positive things like your blog, you are very strong! 

That’s what I really like about Avon. This company is all about empowering women to rise above their circumstances and improve their lives. For me, I identify more with the fight against breast cancer. While no one close to me has ever had breast cancer, some family members have had their fair share of health scares and I’ve come to realize how important it is to invest in your health. You only have one body so you should take the best care of it. 


Taisha's Favorite Avon Products



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