How do you start selling Avon online?

How To Sell Avon Online


You can sell AVON online only for $30 which unlocks ALL of the AVON  benefits... to include major medical insurance for 2018, 40% + discounts on every order, commission purchases on your own orders and your estore, your AVON online store, and your introductory kit of full size AVON  products and samples. No other beauty business has startups that low. 


Selling AVON As An E-representative:

No cold selling, calling or knocking on doors is required to be successful as an AVON e-representative. Once you receive the link to your online store and back office, your goal is to build your email database. AVON email campaigns will do the rest. They will send an email for the hottest deals & clearance, seasonal best buys, coupon codes, and more. Advertise your e-store, set up an email subscription, network with bloggers, and watch your business grow with the help of social media marketing, blogging, and and a little creativity that lets your personality shine through. You can sell $30 a month, or $500 a month, but you'll have the freedom to market anything you'd like from a long list of available Avon favorites. 

You represent a new generation of AVON brand ambassadors. You will be proud to endorse a company that cares about so many wonderful causes.

AVON sells it itself...especially with a shiny, fragrance induced brochure.

Every one of us would love to spend holidays in the Caribbean, watching the wild in Africa or shopping in Paris with lots of disposable income. Moreover, it is nice to have enough time to spend with your family. If you're single, you can finish that project you've been wanting to complete, take a trip, or expand your personal bar to include top shelf and wine selections for guests. (I do love a chilled glass of white sangria.)

This is not a far-fetched dream. You can earn comfortably from home as a Gorgeous AVON Rep and start your make up business. Avon is a Beauty and Lifestyle Company that markets a variety of makeup, skin care, perfume, holiday items, fashion, toiletries, and gift items among others. Instead of marketing through the traditional channels, AVON Sales Reps are found all over the world to sell the best and most popular products. You earn 40% of your sales to kick off your business.

Becoming an Avon representative gives you three main opportunities to sign on; unlimited and residual income earning, a chance to open and run an online business, massive discounts on all of the products you buy monthly, and an opportunity to develop new skills that you can use with other businesses. As an AVON Rep, you will get crazy discounts of between 70 and 90 percent on everything you buy from your AVON e store or the distributor. Don't worry that you do not have the skill to sell. With an online shop, you do not need to meet your prospects and clients in person. All orders will be processed online. There are no strangers to meet.

When you join my team, I will take you through the selling concept, do the SEO, blog training, how to build a website and help you with the online marketing as I do other Gorgeous AVON Reps. More importantly, we will go through building an email database. Like any other online business, the success rests in creating a database of clients who buy from your e-store.

Absolutely! You can make your cash on the go while watching the little ones grow and giving them the best you can for them and yourself. Several stay-at-home moms have made it big with Avon.

The most recent one was Lizzy from California. After being laid off from work and nearly losing hope, a friend invited her to join Avon. At first, she was hesitant but tried it. A year down the line, she can afford to take her two children on a safari at Masai Mara in Kenya. She has paid half the value her property already. You can be the next Lizzy success story.