Has being an AVON Rep inspired you in other areas of your life or career? If so, how? 

Avon has inspired me to be a better me. To not be shy and go after what I want. Gave me the confidence to know what career I want  and to accomplish my goals. 

When you're having an "off" day and not feeling quite like the beauty that you are, tell me what happens to transform those feelings into positive ones? 

When I'm having an off day I end taking some time to myself. I pamper myself into feeling beautiful. Then while looking into the mirror I remind myself how wonderful & beautiful I am, and I'm not a quitter.

Do you ever encounter people who may make quick judgments of you because of your appearance? If so, has that had an effect on you? 

There's always someone out there who are always quick to judge. Some say wonderful things which makes me feel great...Others will give a mean face and say not for me. With them I give them a sample and see what happens after that.

What advice would you give to women in their early 20's about feeling beautiful and staying confident in a time where so many people are competing to look gorgeous online?  

Don't lose focus in what you want. Just because it's not the same cup of tea everyone is having doesnt mean you shouldn't drink it. 

Tell me your favorite Avon products! 

I adore everything but most of all is the skin care. Love feeling so Fresh and so Clean  :)

I thought my interview with Jeanie was over after that last question but after I stalked her page a bit more, I realized it wasn’t. 

Jeanie, I read something on your page that gave me a hint that you've been in some tough situations. Is there anything you want to share with readers about overcoming obstacles? 

I use to be a single mom dealing with homelessness.  It was hard to maintain a job and harder to be accepted in a shelter...especially with no friends, no family and no money for a sitter. I couldn't get welfare, which meant I couldn’t take care of my daughter. I ended up making a hard decision to place my daughter in a home yet I didn't want to be apart from her.  I was frustrated, sad, homeless and missing my baby. Something had to give. I was searching for a job, which can be discouraging in itself. I ended up meeting my husband, we moved in together, and  my baby came back. 

I lost the apartment we were in and ended up living with my husband‘s cousin in a 1 Bedroom. We couldnt afford a sitter. I was now expecting my second child. That was tough with my husband’s cousin  becoming impatient and wanting us out, we needed our own apartment. With my husband working so much we didn't really have time with him. 

I felt like I needed to do more then just apply and wait for a job to call. I thought about the lady that always came around to my grandmother's when I was young. What was her job?? I thought to myself. Thats when I remember the Avon lady. Checked online. And signed up. 

Since signing up I’ve been so happy working when I want, and where I want. I can be there for my kids and hubby is around more. We are now in our own home. Avon has made me happier and blessed. Not only am I sharing but I get to use the same products that are making us women feel beautiful. I never felt like a girl until I started with Avon. 

Jeanie, you inspire me. Thank you for taking the time out to tell us your story. Welcome to Gorgeous Avon Reps. 





Jeanie’s Favorite Avon Picks