Hi Beauty Lovers,

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Somehow your searching and scrolling led you to me. When you finish reading this page, you will get free samples on their way to you. 

Who I’m looking for…

EVERYONE  who is willing to write or record a review  about an AVON product.


How you get free samples…

I will ship a beauty sample to you and cover the shipping fees.  Lipstick samples are my favorite to send. I admit, the new self-service machine at the post office is fun for me to use too.

I recall the days of wanting to return lipsticks to the drug store that looked hideous on me. I never did return any but I was close! Lipstick samples are valuable!

What you do…

You will write or record a review of the of the sample product. Of course, give your honest opinion of it, and leave my website info in your blog or the video description. I’ll send these instructions with your beauty sample as well…no worries.

If you end up falling in love with the sample, you can purchase it from my e store. (Contact me for  coupon codes, I don’t mind!)

Why it’s a win-win….

Once your review is complete,  email me the link to find your review – and I will feature any link you’d like on all of my social platforms with your summary description.

It’s very similar to the idea that if a restaurant doesn’t have any cars outside, it can’t be trusted.

When we support one another and “visit” or mention other sites mutually, Google says “Hey, these two people know each other.” What follows is a higher search ranking for both sites if they are key word optimized.


If you’re seeking SEO help, please contact me