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This month’s free sample of the month is a Perfectly Matte Lipstick by AVON.

Want free lipstick samples? The samples I send are pictured in the photo. You can choose from matte and ultra rich moisture. So of course there’s a catch right? Just subscribe to my upcoming newsletter and that’s a wrap! I could not get a free lipstick sample from anyone when I was looking last year so I had to make it available and easy to get.

matte lipstick samples

AVON TRUE COLOR means the color your buy is the color you apply. Now all your favorite lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows and nail enamel have Avon’s acclaimed TRUE COLOR technology, designed to give you the natural flawless look you want… nothing less. Rich pigments are blended into our high-quality formulas for guaranteed color that stays true all day. This lipstick is a personal favorite of mine. I have some dark spots on my lip from biting it in my sleep. I love how the matte covers these discolorations.


Many women of color have this same need and multiple matte lipstick’s have a dry feel after you apply them. This choice does indeed feel like there is a moisturizer and lip stain mixed right into it. I love it. Read the near perfect reviews on this popular lip color here.

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