I've been following Claudia B for almost a year on Instagram. I noticed she was humble and kind so I reached out to see if I was right. Claudia surprised me with her responses. AVON REP IN EL PASO, TX, SELL AVON ONLINE WITH CLAUDIA B

Anyone that knows you knows that you love what 3 things?

Music, nature/gardening, and cooking/baking   

 If you only had $50 to spend on beauty products for 3 months, what would you buy and why?  

I would buy Avon skin body creams, Freeman facial masks (these masks are absolutely amazing), and inexpensive makeup like L.A. Colors, Temptress, Santee, or Amuse. I have struggled with my skin for years, I need facials to correct and improve my skin.  The creams help to keep my skin looking healthy and moisturized. I would get inexpensive makeup because you don't need something expensive to look fabulous. I rely on creativity to improve the look I am trying to achieve.   

Do you follow any beauty bloggers for inspiration and if so, who and why?  

 I follow several beauty queens. Sharon Ehman @toxicvision on instagram, I have been following her for a year now and I absolutely love her creativity. Her ideas and flawless handmade work flows into the most amazing clothes, jackets, or pants. She can turn scraps of clothing into something beautiful and gorgeous! She inspires me to be original, and not to fear creativity, and to apply it to what I do.   Jingna Zhan @zemotion on instagram. I recently came across this gem.  This photographer catches the beauty in color, art, culture, and clothing.  Everything is so perfectly balanced that beauty is not only in the face, but what you express in clothing, makeup, facial, colors, and posing expressions.  It inspires me to show more of this inner beauty. Most women have insecurity issues, some wear makeup because of this problem. It is our way to feel empowered and to feel beautiful. However, this photographer catches that original beauty that all women can have. Be what you want to express, we all have that expression that we want to glow in, the kind of satisfaction we all look for. 

It is that kind of expression that we all have inside ourselves but very different compared to each other. Very few find what inspires them to express their version of true beauty. True beauty is just that, your inner beauty expression.