I’m always seeking young, new and gorgeous AVON Reps that have style and confidence. I asked this Gorgeous Avon Rep and business woman some questions about business and life because she’s got the fashion and beauty mastered.

Tell me a little about yourself, your daily life, and how you started with AVON? 

I’m from San Diego, CA, born and raised.  I come from a big blended family with 9 siblings (7 boys and 2 girls where I’m second to youngest) I moved to Washington state for college in 1999 and met my ex husband my senior year.  I’m now a divorced mother of two with a 13 year old son and a 9 year old daughter.  I work outside of the home in HR, Recruiting and Training.  Each day for me consists of being a provider for my kids and making sure I provide everything they need.  I do however stick to working my businesses online and am literally a walking advertisement for what I sell.

I started in direct Sales in 2015 with Chloe and Isabel jewelry as a means to make extra money on the side.  I was introduced to Avon when my Uncle, who is on the board of directors of Avon shared my jewelry page with his other board members and they liked my online style and presence.  They mentioned that they would like to have someone like me on board with Avon and if I would be interested in becoming a representative.  When my Uncle initially reached out to me about it, I did some research and was pleasantly surprised at what Avon has to offer as well as how affordable it is. Prior to my Uncle reaching out I created my current page The Styled Beauty Box as a means for me to add additional services to my current business so the beauty and fashion of Avon fit perfectly with my plan.  

I’ve been a Avon Rep since November 9, 2017.

Who has recently inspired your fashion and makeup looks during this cold season we've been having? 

I have been inspired by Rihanna a lot since she is one of my favorite artists.  I do follow a lot of bloggers online so I think there is a good combo of people that I draw inspiration from.  But I am super new to wearing makeup so I’m taking a lot of baby steps.  I love being a natural beauty where it doesn’t look like I’m wearing anything but eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.  But if I had to pick the top people I get style inspiration from it would include Beyonce, Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, & Tracy Ellis Ross.

Are you currently in love? If so, how do you find time to juggle a social and love life with daily responsibilities? If you're single (I am lol) what do you think are the biggest challenges for women of color in the dating atmosphere today? 

I am currently single and not in love at the moment.  It has been a struggle dating because I have to split my time between work, my family and my side businesses.  The dating world is tough right now and many of us are focused on our career and personal goals. 

If you had to leave one piece of advice for women who want to start their own business, what would it be? 

The piece of advice I would give to a woman wanting to start her own business would be, be your biggest advocate.  Never second guess yourself, be patient and never ever give up. Things will start out slow but if you’re consistent and work hard it will pay off. Even when you think no one is watching or paying attention, they are. So hustle hard and go after your dreams even if you don’t get the support from friends and family.

Bethany's Favorite Avon Picks



The Avon Anew line is has something for everyone. There is not another targeted skincare line that's so effective yet affordable. Contact Bethany to Buy or Sell Avon Online or receive a direct delivery for Avon in Tacoma, WA. 



Bethany also has a jewelry business at her custom Chloe & Isabel store.  Yet fashion, fragrance, skincare, and nail care are available through Avon as well.