How much do you know about blogging?

To buy or sell AVON is a question many of you have asked. In the past, the most outgoing personalities would easily sell AVON successfully above the rest. That’s no longer the case. Think about how many times you’ve made life changing decisions from your phone or tablet. That's actually all you need to start. A smart phone and a willingness to work your business daily. Simply put, if you can dedicate 3 hours a week to selling AVON online using my blogging tips, you will make money selling AVON

Want to start a business but not sure AVON is the right one?

If you’re unsure, that’s ok. It’s normal for us to question ourselves. Many times, we just don’t want to attempt and fail. I’m here to reassure you that some days you WILL feel like you are failing. Remember this...the majority of the human population do not take risks in starting a business. By making a tough decision to invest in yourself, you’ve already proved to be exceptional. I will help you do the rest. Let your first AVON order be your business kit and let’s soar together. 

Are you a Mom, wife, or single parent?

Making time to care for yourself is sometimes a chore when there’s mothering or wife duties to handle. A working Mom or wife has to devote special time to getting her mani-pedi‘s or keeping up with the latest fashion trends while creating her own style. AVON has rededicated the company to help you do just that. You can easily place your own skincare, makeup, and fashion orders from your Avon estore. Buying AVON from yourself for yourself and receiving commission from your own personal purchases is an indescribable feeling. 

How much does it cost to sign up to sell AVON?

When I first joined, the fee was $15. I remember I needed to buy some mascara and when I realized the business kit came with an AVON false lash mascara, I ordered the business kit right then. It was the beginning of a lifetime of makeup and skincare love.

Today, the Avon sign up is much nicer! Pay a one-time $30 business fee and choose a free Avon Glam Kit from 3 different options. 


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