Sell Avon Online With Nicole Mae

A Little About Me

I wanted to give my visitors a little insight into my world. I'm a Mom to one little girl and my time is spent being a Ballet Mom, working full time, reading bedtime stories, learning my craft, managing a home, and helping others. Our little family lives in North Florida. 

I began to sell AVON online in order to buy my beauty items at a discount. Soon after, I realized how much fun it was to market my business online. While selling AVON, I was not only able to save money on my makeup and skincare addictions, but it has inspired me to start other businesses as well. I didn't see young women like myself selling AVON successfully, so I wanted to create a space where women like myself could be inspired by the Nicole Mae AVON opportunity. If you were looking to find the best Avon reps, look no further. 

How Do You Know You're Ready To Start A Business?

If you have a little voice inside of you that's always thinking of ways to make your life easier or the lives of others, you might be ready to start your own business. If you can't wait to get off work just so you can brainstorm your business ideas with research, you may be ready to start a business. And lastly, if you want to have residual income that works for you and you're willing to put in the work, you are most definitely ready to start a business. 

How Do You Know What Business Is Right For You?

Think about the things you love doing naturally. Find out the education and/or experience needed to do those things. Research, network, and take the plunge. One of the biggest mistakes people make in starting a business is not doing the research. When I learned that there were no sites or groups recognizing Gorgeous AVON Reps, I knew I was onto something. Never underestimate your passion and your ideas! 

You can sell AVON online, in person, or just use your AVON account for personal use. I chose to do most of my marketing online. I now coach women and small businesses with online marketing, domain research, and effective blogging. I've been featured in several online articles for my work in blogging. My Gorgeous Avon Reps Blog was named among the Top 10 Beauty Blogs of 2017 by Feedspot. 

You can start as low as $25 which unlocks ALL  of the AVON  benefits to include independent contractor insurance, 40% + discounts, your AVON  online store, and your introductory kit of full size AVON  products. No other independent beauty contractor has start up costs that low! Join my Gorgeous AVON Reps Facebook group here